AdBlock Contributors

Below is a list of people who have contributed more than money to AdBlock.

They've given their time and their skills, which they didn't have to do.

Many don't even get paid for it. They do it because they want to give back to the project.

Some might not still support the project, but they have all contributed in the past.

This page lists every single one.


AdBlock Team


  1. Michael Gundlach

Team Management

  1. Gabriel Cubbage

  2. Antoine Boegler


  1. Brent Montrose

  2. Stephen Coward

Support Staff

  1. Rhana Cassidy

Past Contributors

  1. Alyson Asami
  2. Cielo dela Cruz
  3. Famlam
  4. Glenn Stovall
  5. Michael Baker
  6. Paolo Anchoriz
  7. Tony Sodano
  8. Jérémy Keusters
  1. Charles Cary
  2. Dave Ripoll
  3. Gene Lee
  4. Matthew Krisiloff
  5. Nathan Long
  6. Steven Valladolid
  7. Kieran Peckett
  8. Tomáš Taro