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Block annoying ads, including pop-ups, autoplay video ads, and advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, and across the web.

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Milena S.

A must have add-on to get rid of annoying ads and news popping up everywhere.


Excellent extension, top of my list when installing Firefox.


The first and best Ad-blocker out there. xD

The best ad blocker for Firefox

One of the most popular Firefox ad blockers, AdBlock has been downloaded 10 million times by Firefox users. And thanks to some help from Mozilla, our extension store listing is translated into 7 languages.

Block Ads

Remove ads on Facebook, YouTube, and across the web.

Improve Privacy

Block trackers and stop advertisers from following you online.

Acceptable Ads

Non-intrusive ads are allowed to support content creators.


Personalize AdBlock with Dark mode and other themes.

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